AT90 Traditional Length Putter (Right Handed) = $119

AT90 Traditional Length Putter

  • Shaft: Black Graphite
  • Length: 35″
  • Grip: Over-Sized
  • Head Cover: Included

My first practice session well. My first observation I noticed a distinct pull bias to this putter when grounded. So, I made two small adjustments. I moved the ball position back between left heel and mid and, more importantly, I made sure my hands were parallel to line and not inside the line. With this setup I held the line with confidence. The putter is light and the ball coming off the putter feels fantastic. I used both Wilson Duo spin and a Pinnacle Gold. Each felt like they stayed on the putter face a long time and there never was a “brick” feel . Unique graphite shaft enhanced the feel. I have had good distance control and am rolling the ball nicely. My first round produced my best score of the year on a good track with quick greens. Burned the edges almost 4x so score would have been even better.

In short, I like this putter and would recommend.