Review Goolf Thanks

Well, as promissed here we are again to tell you that your clubs are just in one word: GREAT!
We went out to play a round and in all circumstances the results of my play had improved tremendously.
The most important thing is that the aproaches towards the green from distances lying between the
60 and 150 meters went very fearless and very accurate. In the past I had many problems playing
the 5, 6 7 8 irons, so I used my hybrid 4 with a shorter swing tee-ing high up to play a par 3 over water of 135 meters!!
Can you immagine how happy I was to make a par there using the Thomas hybrid iron 5. It went a bit too far
so next time I will use a 6 there.
I have to get used to the distances of course and the role after landing on the green, that is logical. In the beginning I
was hitting a lot to the right, but that was quickly repaired.
I am very very greatful to have found your site and I will recommend these clubs to everybody struggling
with shanking or accuracy with normal irons. It has given me my concidence and joy back in the game of
golf! At last my wife AND I went home with a satisfied feeling of having BOTH played a lovely round of golf.
Many thanks once again,
best regards,
Jody k