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Will Creating A Fuller Turn In My Back Swing Add Distance To My Golf ShotsEvery golfer is looking for that perfect golf tip to hit the ball further but its how the change can be incorporated into your swing which helps add distance to your shots. A full back swing is created by a 45 degree hip turn, a 90 degree wrist hinge or less and a 90 degree shoulder turn.

These three elements working together create torque and speed during the down swing through uncoiling the body towards the ball. If you do not create a full back swing rotation but have the capabilities to do so then it will certainly help add distance to your game.

Players that dont create a full rotation during the back swing do not manage to do so because of poor positioning or an incorrect wrist hinge during the takeaway. For a full rotation to be created, your posture must be good enough to allow your shoulders to rotate around the spinal axis otherwise the body will start to create lateral movement to force the length at the top of the back swing. Once the body creates this lateral movement, the transition and weight shift on the down swing is sacrificed so much that ball striking and direction is badly affected.

For a good posture, the back must be straight, chin up away from the chest, shoulders back and chest out. This encourages a good shoulder rotation along with an easier 45 degree hip turn. The difference between the hips and the shoulders at the top of the swing creates tension throughout the body, which whilst uncoiling, gradually increases the swing speed into the ball.

Another issue for poor rotation is when the wrists bow during the swing. It causes the left arm to bend approximately 90 degrees to get to the top of the swing rather than allowing the body to rotate fully. If a player is aware of the left arm bending then keeping it straight with a bowed left wrist will only allow for a 45 degree shoulder turn and half swing which will sacrifice a lot of distance.

The wrists, hips and shoulders must work together to create a full back swing which can then generate power and energy into the golf ball on the down swing.

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A full body turn will certainly help distance due to the power it can create but it can also hinder control. This is something the player needs to work on to help maintain consistency whilst increasing power.

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The length of the back swing will not have a bearing on the clubs swing path. A full back swing will help generate more power and distance.

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A full rotation during the swing can help increase the players club head speed which will therefore increase the ball speed at impact, which will allow increased distance. The only way it will lose distance is through poor striking which will occur whilst the player makes the adjustments and familiarizes themselves with it.