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Why Do My Hybrid Golf Clubs Launch The Ball Higher Than My Long IronsHybrids have been a revolutionary introduction to the world of golf. They are making the game more accessible for all types of golfers from those struggling with distance to those looking for more forgiveness off the fairway or out of the rough.

Irons come in all different head sizes, but in comparison to hybrids, have thinner heads which in the longer irons especially produce a flatter ball flight and roll at the end of the shot.

Hybrids have been a great introduction to golf because courses have got longer and greens smaller, making distance and control a necessity. When a player misses the fairway and hits the rough, they would have previously used a 7 iron to get the ball out, leaving a lot of work to do to then hit the green. However, the hybrids perimeter weighting allows for more weight to be distributed further around the head pushing the centre of gravity further back in the head producing an increased spin rate and higher flight.

This perimeter weighting helps players that find the rough because the added weight in the head allows the ball to cut through the grass easier and maintain its velocity whilst using the heads technology to help get the ball airborne and results in the player reaching or being closer to the green in regulation.

Most iron sets come in steel shafts which help the player maintain control of the club head during the swing. Hybrids tend to come with graphite shafts which are on average 20g lighter than steel shafts which can help a player increase their swing speed which will allow the graphite shaft to contribute more spin to the shot, thus increasing height on the ball and distance.

The strike on the ball tends to be from a slightly shallower angle of attack when compared to an iron. This will increase the dynamic loft angle and launch angle of the club head making the ball flight higher and hopefully resulting in less roll, especially if landing on to a green.

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Weaker grips do tend to send the ball higher and to the right due to the face angle at impact. The grip should not change from club to club unless using a putter whereby the grip is personal to what makes the putts!

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The loft of a hybrid can vary between the 1 iron and 5 iron equivalents. Hybrids are designed to replicate the lofts of the irons you do not like or feel comfortable with. The height will be increased due to the perimeter weighting of the club and the graphite shaft.

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When a player hits down on the ball from a steeper angle of attack, the launch angle would tend to be lower due to the dynamic loft angle also decreasing. The players hands will get ahead of the ball which causes less loft and a lower flight.