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Why Are Some Golf Drivers Square Headed Every golfer is looking for the latest introduction to the driving world and there have been many revolutionary changes, none more so than the drivers. The heads have changed capacity from 460cc heads to 430cc for lower spin rates and eventually longer ball flights.

Colors have been changed from the traditional black heads to grey, white, red and blue, and the weight of the heads vary to encourage high and low flights. The shapes of the club head has also changed from the traditional curved heads to the square and even triangular shaped heads.

Square drivers will not suit everyone. It is suggested that they are targeted as more game improvement clubs to help the beginners or higher handicapped golfers with their ball striking forgiveness so they will not lose distance or accuracy when off centre hits occur.

The shape of the head helps you to correct and maintain your alignment down the target line by first of all getting the club face at a 90 degree angle to the target with the straight edges of the driver also pointing parallel to the target. The driver then sits flat on the ground making the process easier.

The square driver can be more beneficial to your game because when you see off centre hits, the ball will tend to go both ways depending on the swing path of the player, whereas the square faced drivers reacted better to off centre hits because the bulk of the weight is positioned into the heel and toe preventing the club rotating around its centre of gravity, helping to keep the shot straight.

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With an array of golf drivers on the market, consumers have every right to be a little confused as to what works well but this is where research and trialling the clubs will help a golfer narrow down what club suits them best. In a way, it is good for a golfer to have so much choice so the one they choose is the best one on the market for them as every swing is totally different.

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The purpose of the square drivers is to help players with the consistency of ball striking and add forgiveness to their shots. This may encourage more distance but only through better strikes rather than technology.

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Square drivers will not affect the swing path and help you swing from in to out to create a draw shape, and as the club is not heel weighted it will not help close the face to get the face closed to the path to encourage the draw shape.