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Why Are Hybrid Golf Clubs So VersatileHybrid golf clubs are extremely versatile to use and you can play a variety of golf shots with them when you are out on the golf course.

Initially, you can hit shots of great length with them. Using a full swing, hybrids are extremely easy to hit well and achieve great length with. The design within the head of a hybrid results in greater forgiveness from off centre hits which results in the shot flying much straighter and more accurately at the target. The club head is able to resist the twisting effect that off centre strikes produce.

The design also promotes a high trajectory to shots hit with this club which means that the shot will hold the green even though it has been hit in from a long distance. This is because the centre of gravity in a hybrid club head in much lower and this produces the higher flight.

Long, controlled golf shots are much easier to achieve with a hybrid than they are with a long iron. However, at the other end of the golf shot spectrum, chip shots are extremely easy to play with a hybrid as well. If you are just off the green and looking to play a chip and run, then a hybrid is a great choice of club. The low centre of gravity in the club head pops the ball up off the grass easily and the ball will run out well once it lands. This shot is extremely easy to play as all you have to do is set up as though you are going to putt, hold lower down on the handle and then make a putting action. It is very easy to achieve a great result by playing a chip and run with a hybrid.

Hybrids can also be used to play a bigger version of a chip and run, that can be used to play into the green from 50 yards away, or to recover well from the trees when you have got out of position.

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Hybrids generally have a large sweet spot which means the results of off centre hits are minimised. Shots will fly straighter and further than with a similar iron.

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Hybrids are extremely versatile golf clubs to use. You can play full shots with them, chip delicately around the green, recover from the trees or play easily under over hanging branches, all with one club but a different swing length.

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Hybrids can be used to play a variety of golf shots. Playing a full swing produces long, high shots into the green. Making a putting action produces a chip and run and a waist high swing creates a larger version of this. Hybrids can hit much more than one type of golf shot.