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Why Are Hybrid Golf Clubs A Good Choice When My Ball Is In A DivotHybrid golf clubs are designed to easily get the ball struck high into the air. This makes them the ideal choice when you face a situation where the golf ball is sitting down low, such as when it comes to rest in a divot.

Playing a shot from this situation with a club that produces a high trajectory from the club face makes it much easier to get the ball up and into the air from the awkward lie. The club head design also reduces the amount that the club head will dig into the ground. A hybrid has a wider sole so it glides over the turf rather than cuts into it. This makes it much easier to achieve a clean strike and therefore shot distance, than if you were trying to play from this position with a long iron.

Whenever you face a situation where you need shot length but the ball is resting in a divot, then play the shot with your hybrid and just alter your set up slightly to produce a successful and effective shot.

When you address the golf ball, to encourage a clean strike, slightly alter your address position to encourage a more upright swing action that will strike down from a higher position to produce a clean hit. Place slightly more weight on your front foot than usual. Achieve this by positioning your head to the left side of the golf ball. As you do this, also position your hands slightly further forward than usual. Create a straight line from your left shoulder, down your left arm and then extend this down the shaft of the golf club. In doing this, you should notice that your weight is now slightly more on your front foot.

This will encourage a steeper swing on your back swing than usual and the club head will achieve a higher position as it swings around you. From here, you will be able to make a steeper angle of attack back down towards the golf ball with your down swing and you will achieve a clean, crisp strike on the golf ball. The club head will strike the ball first and then the ground as you swing through impact into a balanced finish and you will achieve full shot distance and height even though you are playing from a dreadful lie.

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Hybrids are an extremely good club choice when you are having to play a shot from a divot and you require shot length. Playing a long iron from this situation would be extremely difficult as the club head produces a lower trajectory than a hybrid does. The long club head will also dig into the turf more easily, transferring the head speed to the ground rather than the ball. A hybrid is much easier to produce a successful shot with from this lie.

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As the weight position in a hybrid club head is further away from the club face, the centre of gravity in the head is further back. This results in shots being hit at a higher trajectory, which means it is much easier to get the golf ball into the air, especially from bad lies such as divots.

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Hybrids are an excellent choice of club to play if you require distance but the ball is in a divot. This situation would usually be difficult to generate a high shot from, as the ball is sitting low in the divot. However, the design of a hybrid club head produces a high trajectory shot from it, making it much easier to get the ball into the air.