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Where Should My Hips Be When I Hit The Golf Ball?If youre looking to hit your best golf shots with maximum power and accuracy, then your hips need to be rotated towards the target as you swing through impact and hit the golf ball.

Your hips should start the golf swing from a position where they are parallel to the target line. During the back swing your hips should rotate to the right if youre a right-handed golfer, approximately 45°. To correctly swing through impact you should now initiate your down swing from your lower body, rotating your knees and hips/pelvis towards the target. At impact, your hips/pelvis should be rotated more left than their start position, turned towards the target.

A great drill to help you learn how to make this movement is to stand with your back to wall so that your backside is touching the wall. Take your golf posture up and without holding the golf club make your back swing. As you initially take your posture up, all of your backside will be touching the wall. As you make your back swing only the right side will now be touching the wall. To learn how to rotate your hips during your down swing, to achieve a position where your hips are rotated towards the target through impact, you simply need to roll your backside back along the wall as you swing your arms down.

Work on achieving a position where the left side of your backside regains contact with the wall as the right side of your backside comes off it. As the right side of your backside comes off the wall, allow your right heel to lift from the floor as your shoelaces rotate towards the target and continue the rolling action in your pelvis, so that your left leg trouser seam finishes on the wall.

Practice doing this drill to learn how to move your pelvis and hips correctly on your down swing and once youre feeling more comfortable with it, then hit some golf balls, slowly at first, making this rolling action.

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If your hips are parallel to the target line through impact, then the club head will approach the ball too much from the inside of the target line and with your club face square to this, you will hit the ball straight right of the target. You must rotate your hips towards the target through impact to allow the club head to travel directly along the target line. With your club face square to this you will now hit a straight golf shot at the target.

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With your hips aiming right of the target through impact (for right handed golfers) they are now closed. The effect of this is that the club head will swing towards the target line, too much from the inside, rather than down it. With a club face aiming down this swing path, the shot will fly straight right of the target. With the club head swinging from the inside and the club face aiming at the target, the ball will now curve right to left during its flight and miss the target on the left.

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Although your hips dont directly hit the golf ball, they can greatly influence your swing. They should be in the correct position in order to create power, dynamic movement, consistency and good balance.