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Where Should My Body Aim During The Set Up For More Accurate Golf PuttsThe best way to consistently hit more accurate putts is to aim your body parallel to the aim line of your putt.

In making sure that key parts of your body are set up to enable your putter head to maintain a natural position moving both back and through the stroke, you will increase your chances of holing more putts. The key parts you need to make sure that are parallel are:

  • 1. The Shoulder Line - These are the most important part of the body to aim correctly. If your shoulder line is aiming to either the left or the right then you wont be able to swing your putter head along your aim line. If you hit a putt on line then you will have had to either push or pull your putter head back towards the target.
  • 2. The Forearms - Probably the one area of the set up that is off line more than any other. They are most commonly aimed towards the low side of your aim line. This is due to the conventional trail hand lower on the handle. The best way to align your forearms parallel is to either tuck your trail elbow into your body a little or place your lead hand below your trail hand.
  • 3. The Eye Line - Having your eyes directly over your aim line enables you to maintain your shoulders and forearms parallel at set up. This is because of the way your eyes process the information that you see. If youre looking across the aim line then youre less likely to have your shoulders and forearms mis-aligned and are then more likely to try and push or pull your putter face back towards the hole to compensate.

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Due to the nature of a having a consistent putting stroke, aiming to the left of your target line will make you hit your putts left unless you manipulate the putter through impact. To maintain your accuracy, your putter face should remain at 90 degrees to the arc of your stroke and if you aim to the left then your arc will also be aiming left.

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Because golf is a game played with the golfer standing to the side of the ball, the position of your body alignment is very important. If you aim your body at the hole then your putter face will be aiming to the right or high side of the hole, causing you to miss your putt to the right.

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Aiming your body to the right of your ball will see you miss almost all of your putts unless you manipulate your putter face to start the ball as close as possible to your aim line. You need to make sure that your body is parallel to the line you select to hit your putt on if you want to be able to hole your putt.