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Where On The Club Face Should I Strike My Driver To Add Distance To My Golf ShotsWhere a player should hit the ball with the driver club face is always an interesting argument amongst golfers because many will hit shots from the heel or toe and be convinced it goes further than when they hit the ball from the middle - that is if they are even aware of where the ball was struck.

When a player strikes the ball from the toe, it can create a hooked shot due to the club faces gear effect and face bulge working to start the ball right and shape it from right to left. The opposite can be said for when the heel is struck. These can actually work out being good shots if they still find the fairway, albeit they will have less distance on them.

When you strike the driver from the middle of the face, you expect to hit the ball straight and far, however, the club face needs to be square to the target at impact with a straight swing path. If the ball is stuck too low down on the face, the ball will come out with a lot of back spin which can cause a reduction in distance, an increase of height and may lose the penetrating trajectory which will leave the ball susceptible to the weather conditions such as wind.

If the ball is struck too high on the face then the spin rate will be even higher causing a bigger loss of distance and a skyed shot, only going a maximum of 100 yards. The sweet spot of the driver is just above the equator line in the middle of the club head. Hitting this spot will reduce the spin rate substantially and the ball will leave with an extremely penetrating and powerful ball flight, flying further than ever before.

On the driving range you should use face tape to help you determine where you strike the ball on the face and you can then relate it to the ball flight and shot type you get afterwards.

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The gear effect and face bulge play an extremely helpful role in the driver head when shots are hit off centre. The toe will help start the ball right due to the curvature of the face bulge and the gear effect technology will draw/hook the ball back into play and the consequences may only be small.

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Striking the driver with the bottom of the club face will encourage an increased amount of spin on your shots leading to higher and weaker ball flights and a loss of overall distance

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The heel is a popular place for golfers who swing from out to in to hit the ball. This will provide a higher trajectory and the ball will move left to right in the air and can be a good bad shot, helping the player keep the ball in play.