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What Swing Adjustments Should I Make To Find Ten More Yards With My Golf DrivesHow to find 10 more yards on the driver has to be one of the most frequently asked questions in golf. There is no quick fix to achieve this because adding more yardage requires a great deal of skill, technical ability and patience to go through the relevant swing changes.

First of all, the player must understand what aspects of the swing create club head speed:

  • Wrist hinge
  • Full rotation with a 90 degree shoulder rotation
  • Hip rotation 45 degrees ahead of the ball at impact

The three basic elements above would describe what produces speed in the swing. Many would argue that the arms create a lot of power, however, the arms actually slow the bodys bigger muscles and core down causing the swing speed to be reduced.

The length of the back swing is vitally important for a player to try and create the coil between the hips and shoulders to start the transition of the down swing with power and a faster change of direction to create more speed.

The wrist hinge helps get the golf club inside a 90 degree angle relative to the left arm where this lag is to then be released through impact, increasing the club head speed with the intention of maximizing distance and working in conjunction with the hips.

If you feel that your swing lacks one of these areas above, then work on that particular change but be aware that the address position including posture, distance from the ball and the grip need to be neutral in order to achieve maximum hinge and rotation.

Hip speed is always a difficult aspect of the swing to improve as this movement starts during the transition of the back swing to down swing with the weight transferring to the left side followed by a hip rotation. This will help create more lag in the hands and pull the arms down towards the ball for increased club head speed.

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When players swing as fast as they can, they do so by using their arms. This, in fact, slows the lower body down and results in a slower swing speed and less distance. The power in the golf swing is the made from the coil created at the top of the swing leading to the down swing weight transition and rotation through impact.

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Adjusting your balls shape can help increase distance, however, the change in ball flight and increased draw shape will lead to less control of the flight in the air but also this change in flight throughout your game will lead to inconsistencies when hitting into the green.

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A new driver will not help you improve your technique to hit the ball further. To improve your technique, make sure your set up is good and then work through the key areas of the swing to improve your technique.