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What Should I Change In My Golf Set Up When The Ball Is Below My Feet?Accurate and effective golf shots can be played from more difficult lies, such as where the ball is positioned below your feet on a slope, provided you have adjusted your set up to adapt for the changes in the situation.

The initial difference with this situation is that the ball is effectively further away from you than usual. This will promote you to hit the top of the golf ball and produce a low golf shot that lands earlier than usual and does not travel as far. To adapt to this situation and to promote a good strike, make sure that you are holding at the full extent of the golf club, so that it is as long as it can possibly be. Now also adapt your posture. You will need to tilt forward from your hips as usual but make sure that you maintain this position as you bend your knees slightly more than usual. This will help you to get down more towards the lower than usual golf ball position.

With the ball below your feet you will make a swing that is more upright than usual. That simply means you will swing the club head around you on a slightly steeper arc. The result of this is that as the club head approaches the golf ball, the club face will be slightly more open than usual and you will see a left to right ball flight from this. So knowing this will happen, ensure that you align your body more left of target than usual to allow for the left to right shape that will occur and you will then maintain your accuracy.

With the ball being below your feet more than usual, you will hold the club slightly steeper with the shaft at set up and this in return aims the face more to the right than usual and then as you swing the club through impact, with a slightly open club face, it imparts tilted axis spin on to the ball, which produces a left to right ball flight. Ensure that you aim the face correctly at the target, which will mean that you align yourself slightly more left than usual.

Making these alterations at set up will allow you to adapt to the situation and challenges that playing the ball from below your feet presents and you should find that you begin to produce some effective and accurate results.

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With the golf ball below your feet there is a significant alteration in the situation you are facing. Effectively the golf ball is now further away from you than usual. If you do not adapt to this and make the necessary changes to accommodate the fact the ball is further away from you than usual, you will end up hitting the top of the golf ball and producing a low shot that does not fly the required distance, or in the required direction.

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If you hold lower down on the clubs handle, you are shortening the length of the golf club. The ball is already further away from you than usual, so making the length of the club even shorter will result in an air shot. Hold the club at full extent, make it as long as possible.

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Standing up taller would encourage your swing arc to lift which would result in thinned, topped or even missed golf shots. Having the body weight on the balls of your feet could result in a severe lack of balance and inconsistent golf shots.