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What Is The Perfect Golf Follow Through To The Finish For Clean Crisp Golf Wedge ShotsThe follow through to the finish of any golf swing is a good indication what went on prior to these positions during the swing. When hitting wedge shots, the length of the follow through should mimic or be slightly longer than the back swing length of swing.

A big mistake many players make when hitting wedge shots is to almost stop at impact and stab at the ball. If you evaluated their length of back swing compared to the follow through, you would likely see a 3:1 ratio. You are looking to see a 1:1 to 2:3 relationship for a wedge shot swing.

The follow through position should be controlled. Remember, good wedge shots are played to be precise in both controlling the distance and the direction the ball travels in. From impact through to the finish, your hands remain passive with the body pivoting around the lead leg to control the motion, almost feeling like you are holding off the shot with the hands. If you use the hands too much during the swing into the follow through you are flicking at the ball which is essentially changing the loft on the club face which will lead to poor distance control.

Work on your swing length, to either marry up on both sides or to be a hair longer on the follow through, along with keeping the hands passive in a held off position to help hit those clean, crisp wedge shots.

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Letting the wrists scoop under on the follow through is a tell tale sign you have flicked the wrists too early and manipulated the club through impact. This scooping action affects the loft on the club face, resulting in poor distance control even if you are lucky enough to make a clean strike. Keep those wrists constant in order to hit more consistent wedge shots.

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If you shorten the follow through so it would be shorter than the length you took the club back, you are likely to be decelerating the club head into impact. This deceleration is seen when the player is not fully committed to the shot. Get the length of the swing to match up on both sides to help your wedge game.

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During the back swing, the arms work up and in and during the follow through you want the arms to do the same, back up and in. Many players try to swing their arms down the target line in order to hit the ball straight. Arms down the target line means they become disconnected to the body. Keep those arms connected to the body and control the wedge swing with the body action.