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What Is The Perfect Driver Specification If I Slice My Golf ShotsOver recent years, technology in golf clubs has evolved dramatically from the different lengths, flexes and weights of drivers. The shape of the heads have developed and manufacturers are now even competing for which driver is the best color.

The evolution of the club head has been rather substantial. For example, the introduction of the square drivers were designed to evenly distribute the club head weight between the heel, toe and centre of the club face. Drivers now come in different colors which at first were said to take the suns glare away or stop the player being put off by the color swoosh through impact.

The biggest and most revolutionary change to the driver club head has been the ability to unscrew the head, change its loft and even change where the weight is positioned, or in fact open or close the club face in relation to it sitting square.

From a manufacturers point of view, this is a fantastic concept as they do not need to make so many different drivers anymore and can put all their resources into the marketing and improving the technology of each product.

More importantly, it is better for the consumer because players who are learning, having lessons or privately working on their swings can improve their swings and ball flights so when they buy a driver they are not under continued pressure to play to the drivers strengths. They can change clubs to play to their owns strengths.

The biggest issue for golfers is the dreaded slice shot and this is caused by an out to in swing path with the club face open to the path. Drivers can be set so that the club face can work with the swing path and create a pull shot or fade which wouldnt go as high or lose as much distance. Players should also think about increasing their drivers loft because added loft reduces the slice due to the amount of spin being produced. When a player slices, they see the ball go high but this is caused by the swing path and club face relationship and their immediate reaction is to lower the loft. This will in fact create more spin and slice.

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The slice creates a high shot due to the swing path going left and the club face pointing right of it which increases the ball launch angle and spin rate. Less loft will create more spin and causes the ball to slice further. Loft up to create less spin and therefore less slice.

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There are many drivers that can have open or closed faces to help your individual swing. If the club face is open, this means the player already hits the ball left. For a player who slices the ball, this open face will prove more catastrophic.

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The flex of the golf club is also extremely important because a player playing with a shaft too stiff for their swing speed will cause the club to still point right at impact causing the ball to go further right. If a shaft is too flexible then the ball can actually go both ways depending on the players swing path and timing.