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What Is The Nine Ball Test And How Can It Help Me ImproveDuring a round of golf, you are required to hit an array of shots due to tricky pin positions, doglegged fairways or a recovery shot following a poor tee shot or approach shot. The nine ball test is for those players of a high calibre who want to shape the ball from left to right or right to left whenever they feel the shot requires it.

It can also be good practise for a higher handicapped player because it allows them to feel different stances and alignment changes which they may call upon during a round of golf.

The nine ball test is when a player needs to hit the following shots one after another:

  • Straight shot
  • Draw
  • Fade
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Hook
  • Slice
  • Pull hook
  • Push Slice

To successfully complete this test takes an enormous amount of technical ability but to even produce shots close to this standard will help every golfer.

Imagine standing on the tee with a left to right shaped fairway and wanting to hit a fade close to the apex of the corner, but getting it slightly wrong and ending up in the trees left of the fairway, and then needing a hook shot to get round it and on to the green.

In one hole you will need to hit a fade and a hook, but your natural shot may be a draw. You can either play to this strength or add new shots to your arsenal and through practise, give yourself the courage to hit them on the course. The shots are difficult to achieve because the set up requirements differ, particularly in the stance and alignment aspect.

For example, a draw shot would require the player to stand with their body right of the target and align the club face right of the target but left of the body in comparison to the push slice shot which requires the body to be aligned left of the target and the club face pointing right of the target. Two totally different shots and different feelings when stood over the ball but also two shots which you may need on the course at any given time.

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Hitting nine straight drivers in a row would also be fantastic practise, so do this where possible but the nine ball test relates to the shot shapes.

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This test is a very difficult one to achieve but it is a fantastic target for any golfer to get to. Even if two or three of the shots can be achieved then the player has improved substantially and can take this improvement on the golf course.

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After using the test, the player should not use these shots whenever they feel. The shots should only be used where necessary. The player will perform best when using their natural shot and may call upon other shots when required to help with any trouble spots.