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What Is The First Part Of My Body To Move During My Golf Back Swing?The very best golfers in the world all follow something called a kinetic sequence throughout the swing.

A great kinetic sequence sees the body moving in a specific order during the back swing which is then almost identically reversed during the through swing. Using a sequence is easy as it allows a player to better repeat sets of movement.

In this sequence the hands move first followed by the rest of the body. Follow this guide to better groove a good kinetic sequence.

  • The club is taken away from the ball using the hands. Many players find that thinking about moving the club head away from the ball helps
  • After the first movement of the hands, the arms follow, which are driven by the shoulders, which in turn are powered by the core (or trunk)
  • There are many intricacies during the swing which require work but as the shoulders turn under the chin the core should also have turned
  • The last things to move in the back swing are the hips which open very slightly and the feet
  • At the beginning of the down swing the sequence is reversed and the feet draw power from the ground
  • The hips rotate toward the target turning through the same position they were at address continuing to turn towards the target. At impact the hips should have opened to the target
  • The hips drag the body into reversing the sequence. After the hips the core turns, then the shoulders, then the arms and finally the hands move down and through impact
  • The swing continues upward until the hips and chest have rotated to face the target

Use a great kinetic sequence to better improve the takeaway.

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If the lower half is the first thing to move during the back swing the whole movement will become unstable. Players need to build a solid base and begin the swing with the upper half first.

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Moving the club away with the shoulders can be a feeling many players enjoy but it does hold the risk of taking the club away on a very inside path. Moving the club with the hands, arms then shoulders will be more consistent.

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Although turning shoulders can lead to problems, turning the hips first can lead to bigger issues! Turning the hips will cause a big loss of coil between the upper and lower body. Keep the hips steady during the back swing.