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What Is An Off Set Golf Driver And How Can It Help MeOff set driver heads were a revolutionary introduction to the game of golf in the 90s and early 2000s and were readily available until recent years with brands such as Cobra making a series of them.

An off set driver is when the club head is positioned behind the hosel to help give the player a split second longer to release the club head through impact and give more time for the club face to straighten. Players that slice the ball will particularly enjoy this type of club because it allows them to square the club face up to the target and hit fade shots which have less curvature and a slightly lower ball flight than that of a slice.

Sliced swings approach the ball from an out to in swing path and if the club face can square itself to this path then the shots outcome will be a straight pull to the left which will help a player regain their distance off the tee and limit the distance a fairway can be missed.

If the club face does not quite square itself to the swing path then the shot produced will be a fade where the ball will start left of the target and move from left to right in the air, producing much more distance and consistency to that of a slice shot.

To hit an off set drive, take your set up as normal. Be careful not to make any set up adjustments because the driver is designed to counteract any swing issues. When taking your stance, try to make sure you are standing parallel to the target. This should be a set up fundamental with all your clubs.

During the swing, the club face should move away from the ball at a steady pace. Any suddenly impulses of speed, especially during the back swing, will cause more inconsistencies. Once at the top, use the hips to start the down swing then as the club approaches impact, rotate the hands to the left of the target to help square up or close the club face at impact.

Initially, your timing will suffer and there may be some poor shots, but the more shots you hit, the bigger improvements you will see regarding accuracy and distance.

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The purpose of the off set driver is to help a player prevent the ball from slicing from left to right because the club head is behind the ball allowing added time for the hands to release through impact. For players with a severe slice, the off set driver should limit this.

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Many believe that because the head of the driver is set behind the shaft, the loft of the club will increase, however, the only purpose of this is to have the club face square at impact to discourage a sliced shot.

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There will not be any players on the tour which have played with an off set head. These heads were designed for amateur golfers who struggled to keep the ball in play from the tee. The off set head will not cause an increase in distance, but you may see straighter drives due to less curvature.