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What Is A Texas Wedge And How Should It Be Played On The Golf CourseOne of the best ways for all golfers to lower their scores and reduce their handicap is to improve their short game. Not just your pitching from 30 to 50 yards but your chipping and bunker play too.

When it comes to getting the best from your short game, however, the majority of amateurs struggle the closer they get to the green, especially with the lofted clubs. This is mainly down to a combination of poor technique and a lack of confidence, so a great shot to develop that will install some confidence in your game is the Texas wedge.

The Texas wedge is the term used for using your putter when yourre off the green, and originates from the state of Texas where the fairways dry out in the summer heat leaving you with a choice of whether to chip or pitch off a dusty, hard, bare lie or lessening the risk by using your putter as long as there were no obstructions between your ball and the hole.

This is a very simple shot to play and if youre not confident with your wedges then this is a great option for you. All you need to do to be effective with the Texas wedge is to take your normal putting set up. Make sure that your ball position and width of stance are the same. The only change you should make from your on green set up is to grip the putter a little more firmly in your lead hand. When youre looking at the distance of your putt, add another three feet to the length of the putt. This will help you to hit your putt with enough speed to get through the slightly longer fairway and fringe grasses.

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Although the term of the Texas wedge comes from the development of a shot in the state, it has nothing to do with the making of a club there. Developing your short game is vital to playing better golf and if that means you use your putter sometimes from the apron and fringe around the green then great. Dont play a shot youre not confident with, as it will only affect the rest of your game.

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The bellied wedge is another great shot to have in your short game locker. If you like playing the Texas wedge then practise hovering your sand wedge so you hit the middle of the ball with the leading edge of your wedge. This is a great option from short range when you cant get the putter face fully on the ball due to the collar around the fringe.

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Although the Texas wedge can be used from up to 30 or 40 yards from the green, in certain instances your ball will be rolling along the ground. Playing a low running pitch shot is something you should try once you get further away from the green. Imagine youre using your putter and make the same stroke but use your 7 iron to lift the ball off the ground a little before it rolls out.