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What Is A Side Saddle Golf Putting Stroke
The side saddle putting stroke is something that is very rarely seen on the greens at your local golf club but over the next few years it may become more popular with anyone who uses a long or belly putter.

When the ban on anchoring the putter comes into force on the 1st January 2016, some golfers will look to this as an alternate way of putting. How would you start to putt side saddle?

First of all, you need to make sure you get yourself in the right set up position to make this stroke effective. You need to place the putter head behind your ball and turn both of your feet around so your shoulders are 90 degrees to your aim line and your toes are facing the target. It is vital that you have both of your feet on the same side of your ball, as rule 16-1e doesnt allow you to straddle the line or have a foot touching the line of the putt.

You need to make sure that your ball is just a little forward of your toes. To take your grip, place your lead hand at the top of the handle like youre making a fist and then place your trailing hand on as if you were holding a saw. You are in a great position to make a stroke that moves the putter head back and through along your aim line as you look directly towards the target. You now need to make your stroke and this is very simple to do. As you have gripped the putter like youre holding a saw with your trail hand, you want to make a sawing motion back and forth. This will see your putter moving straight back and through enabling you to push your ball straight along your aim line and to the hole.

To be truly effective putting side saddle, you will need to buy a side saddle putter. This is because you need the shaft of your putter to be almost upright rather than on an angle like a regular putter.

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Standing either side of your ball and aim line is called the croquet style putting stroke. It was used by players many years ago, even the great Sam Snead, but because you are not allowed to make a stroke either standing on the line or astride the line of your putt, the croquet style was deemed illegal.

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If you put your feet together so they are touching but your toes still face your aim line then you are just using a narrow stance version of the standard putting set up. To be putting side saddle, you must turn your feet, knees, hips and shoulders to look in the same direction of your putter face.

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Although there are many slang terms used for certain aspects of golf, this isnt one of them. There is nothing stopping you from buying a left handed putter and putting in the traditional way if you play the rest of your shots right handed or vice versa. You may, however, find it a little awkward at first but would get used to it if you worked hard enough at it.