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What Causes My Golf Drives To Fly Too HighAll golfers are searching for that perfectly penetrating ball flight that soars through the air unaffected by the wind and lands comfortably on the fairway a long way from where it originated.

However, a lot of technical expertize goes into making this happen. The ball needs to be struck nicely and the shots trajectory needs to be perfect for the conditions of the day.

If you feel as though you hit the ball too high, it is worth starting with your set up to make sure the fundamentals are correct, and in particular, your body weight because it is the weight distribution at impact which can cause the ball to launch too high. The majority of golfers hit the ball with an out to in swing path which produces a sliced shot. A sliced shot occurs when the club face is open to the swing path which therefore increases the clubs loft at impact. This alone will send the ball on a higher trajectory and once a player adds a fast swing speed, the spin rate increases creating more height.

The biggest influence on the height of the ball is the weight transference. The weight transition from the top of the back swing to the down swing can actually help keep the ball flight lower even with an out to in swing path as the weight will help the hands stay ahead of the ball and possibly encourage the wrists to release through impact, squaring the club face up albeit causing a pulled shot.

To practise this on the range with the driver, weight should be set up slightly favoring the right side to encourage the ball to be hit on the up swing but at the same time from the top of the back swing. The first movement in the transition should be the left hip pushing towards the target to transfer the weight and then rotate the hips to the target creating a straight left side at impact. This helps to helps to create the optimum launch angle and the most penetrating ball flight possible with your current swing path.

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The quality of the golf club will not necessarily cause the ball to go too high, however, if the club is not suited to your swing then it will. For example, if the shaft is too flexible, it will create too much height or if the loft is too much then the ball will launch too high also.

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Width of stance will not have a direct influence on the ball going too high because there are more relevant issue that can cause too much height such as swing path, weight transfer, club make up and open face angle at impact.

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Strong grips cause the ball to come out low with a lot of draw depending on the swing path and release at impact. When the strong grip works too hard, the club face closes in relation to the target and therefore loses its loft.