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What Are The Problems With Having A Really Wide Golf StanceStance width is often an area overlooked by golfers. Some stand too narrow and others too wide but it is an area of the swing which actually gives you the foundations to rotate through the swing with as much power as possible and hold the balance at the end of the swing.

Using a 7 iron as an example, the width of stance should be outside shoulder width, meaning the shoulders could fit inside the feet. This position sets up a wide enough base for the player to rotate the hips 45 degrees and the shoulders approximately 90 degrees. It allows this movement so power can be generated and then uncoiled through impact with power.

The width of stance will also help with weight transference, getting the small amount of weight from the right side at the top of the swing to the left side in time for impact and the follow through.

The problems created when the stance is too wide can have a negative impact on the down swing path in particular because as the player attempts to rotate the hips towards the target, the shoulders will follow the same path due to the positioning of the right hip and leg which prevents the shoulders and the club approaching the ball from the same angle it left.

Another adverse effect the wide stance can have is when the player tries to transition the weight from the right foot towards the left side with the hip rotation to give a solid left side at impact. The wide stance will cause the player to rotate the hips around the right leg and not allow the transfer of weight. This can cause the centre of the golf swing to be further back than the ball creating fat shots.

A third effect a wide stance can have on the swing is the rotation of the shoulders whilst keeping the head still. A 90 degree shoulder turn is always desired by golfers for maximum power but a wider stance can hinder this movement. For a player to then try and force it, they will laterally move away from the ball to make it happen, and from the two previous wide stance issues this will compound the bad shots.

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A wide golf stance is there to create more power. That is why the driver stance is wider than a pitching wedge, but it is mainly wider because the club is longer and the arc of the swing is longer, therefore balance with a narrow stance on the driver will be difficult.

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A wide stance will hinder your weight transference. A narrow stance can help transfer weight but too narrow will cause over balancing on the left side through impact. Make sure the width of stance is correct for each club.

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A wide stance can affect the swing path but in such a way that the swing path becomes out to in because as the hips rotate towards the target on the down swing, the club cannot approach the ball from the inside so it goes around the right leg and hip and cuts across the ball.