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What Are The Golfing Yips And How Can I Fix ThemOne of the most feared conditions in the game of golf is getting the dreaded yips. Looked upon as a condition that is almost incurable and a big factor in people not wanting to play the game anymore.

Yet the reason you develop this condition is through the negative mental state you have whilst youre out on the course.

The yips is an uncontrollable jerky movement of your hands as your putter approaches impact with your ball and is just a problem in your mind. A build up of anxiety over not wanting to hit a short putt too hard just in case you miss and the ball rolls the same distance past the hole or further. It is virtually impossible to keep your putter square to your aim line, hit your putt on line or control the speed of your putts when the yips takes over.

Its not just something that affects amateur golfers either. Some of the most successful golfers in the world have suffered with the yips, most noticeably, two time Masters Champion, Bernhard Langer. There are a number of ways to cure the yips. One of the most popular ways is to use a long or belly putter, although this is no longer an option as from January 1st 2016, the governing bodys rule that you can no longer anchor the putter to the body.

If youre struggling with the yips, you should try to change your putting grip first. Practise with your lead hand below your trail hand as this is designed to stop the lead wrist from breaking down through the stroke. The other grip to try is the claw, keeping your lead hand on as usual and then placing the trail hand on like the pincer of a crab, keeping the palm of your trail and facing you.

If a change of grip doesnt have the desired effect for you then you could always see a sports psychologist to help you change your negative outlook into a more positive one, leading you to believe that you are the best putter in the world.

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If you have ever seen a golfer with the yips, you will know that they dont just miss the odd putt here and there, they dont get the ball in the hole at all. If you only miss the odd one then spend some quality time practising your short putting so you dont need to use any more excuses.

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The putting yips is most definitely a mental issue that must be conquered if you are to become a better putter but it is not a picture of positive thoughts. A mind full of negativity creates the anxiety and causes the missed putts. The more positive you can be over your putt, the greater the chance of you holing it.

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Although the yips is a jerking motion of the hands and wrists, this is an involuntary movement. The physical side of your stroke is not the main issue. Instead, it is a mental result of a build up of anxiety. If you can control your anxiety on the course, you will be on your way to beating the yips.