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Should My Golf Down Swing Start Before My Back Swing Ends?The period between the top of the back swing and the beginning of the down swing is known as the transition.

The majority of the worlds greatest players have the tiniest pause as they reach the top of the back swing position; this allows the transition into the down swing to become more fluid and rhythmical. However, this pause is so small (just fractions of a seconthat high speed slow motion cameras are needed to capture it. It is also so small that most players dont realise they do it!

Players need to think about the back swing as a slow build-up of power as the shoulders and arms turn and extend. The through swing follows on from when the body has completed the back swing by steadily increasing speed until after impact. Follow this slow motion drill to groove a full back swing and rhythmical down swing.

  • Set up with the club over an imaginary ball
  • Move the club away from the ball slowly with the hands, ensuring the body remains rock solid and doesnt shift
  • Then allow the arms to follow and then the shoulders start to rotate and turn away from the target
  • Keep the swing moving incredibly slowly as the torso and hips get pulled around by the shoulders until they are fully rotated under the chin
  • If the shoulders have turned fully, the hips should have also rotated slightly but only just the right knee should be still flexed
  • After completing the slow back swing, pause for a moment and note the feeling of where the body is set
  • Then slowly reverse the sequence with the lower half driving the down swing turning towards the target
  • The entire slow motion swing should take 30 seconds or more

There is a very slight pause at the top of the swing which is indistinguishable to the naked eye.

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There are very few players who actively pause at the top of the back swing before starting the down swing and it is not a technique that many people have success with. However, some top professionals have made it work but they tend to be players who have always paused naturally.

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Feeling as though the hips are firing towards the target before the back swing finishes is a feeling many people use when trying to add power to the swing. However, it will not aid consistency and for most people should be avoided.

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One absolute killer of timing and ball striking is pausing at the top of the swing to check a certain swing position. This will fill a golfers mind with too many swing thoughts and should be avoided.