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Should I Use A Heavier Putter To Make My Stroke SmootherThere are more and more golfers opting for heavier putter heads now, and many manufacturers are producing models with either an option to customize the head weight or offer heavier options off the shelf.

The standard putter head weight in the golf shops now will range between 320g and 350g. Some of the longer length putters will have heavier heads, with weights ranging between 370g and 400g.

The trend for increasing the head weight can be attributed to a number of factors. Most notably, better quality greens. This means that many clubs you go to have smoother greens that allow your the ball to roll truer and faster. Contrary to popular belief, the faster the speed of the green, the greater the need for more head weight in your putter. The reason for this is that faster greens require very smooth, small putting strokes to keep the ball from running out of control.

It is much easier to make small movements accurately using a putter with a heavier weight than it is with a putter that has a lighter head weight. This is because the lighter the putter head, the more it can float around and get jerky within the smaller, fine motor control movements. Lighter weights are also more susceptible to gusts of wind blowing the head off your swing path.

If you have a putter with a lighter head weight, but dont want to go out and buy a new, heavier putter, then why not try adding extra weight to your putter by placing strips of lead tape evenly across the back of the head. By using lead tape you can add as much or as little weight to the head, creating the perfect weight for you.

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The shorter the length of your putt, the requirement for fine motor control is increased. Such fine control during the putting stroke can be made with any weight of putter, but is much more precise the heavier the weight. The more precise you can make the smaller putting strokes, the greater amount of control you will have over the outcome.

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Having more weight in your putter head would lead most people to think that they would either hit shorter putts too hard or lose the feel to control the distance of mid and long range puts, yet in fact the opposite is true. More head weight will help your feel and improve your distance control, resulting in less three putts.

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With a lighter putter head, there is an increase in the possibility of your putting stroke becoming short and quick in an attempt to get the ball all the way to the hole. This could cause you to lose the rhythm and tempo of your stroke. Your ability to feel the distance and control your speed will be extremely difficult to maintain.