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Should I Practice My Golf Putting Under Pressure? If So HowOne of the most important things you can do to make it easier to take your practise stroke from the putting green to the golf course is to make your practise count.

There is no better way than to play a couple of testing games and two of the best games to play are the six foot challenge and staying alive.

The Six Foot Challenge

This is a very simple and effective drill, all you will need is six balls and a tee. Take three large steps from the side of a hole on the practise green and place your tee in the ground. This is your start point approximately six feet from the hole. Now you need to spend 30 minutes hitting putts from this spot. Make a note of how many putts you hole in a row. After your 30 minutes, write in a note book the highest number of putts you holed in a row. The next time you practise this drill, you must try to beat your score. If you dont, you could put $2 in a jar. Each time you fail to beat your previous score, add $2 to your jar.

Staying Alive

You need five balls for this drill, these will act as your five lives. Place them in a line across the front of a hole around three inches apart and one foot from the hole and your task is to hole them all. If you miss a putt then you have lost that life. You must hole at least one putt to move on to the second level. This is now two feet from the hole and repeat the drill. As long as you hole at least one putt you will have a life to take to the next level, each level is another foot further away from the hole. Once you miss all the putts on a level, make a note in your book and the next time your challenge is to get to the next level up. Each time you dont beat your score, put another $2 in the jar.

When you jar is full, give it to your family members to treat themselves rather than you spending it on yourself. This way, you increase the pressure on your practise not to put any money in the jar.

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Although the majority of pressure is entirely self inflicted, there are other pressures that your putting especially needs to be able to withstand. The biggest one is when you have a putt to win the hole against your playing partners. If you havent practised to handle it then you will miss almost every putt you face like this.

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Even if you start missing putts in practise, if you are putting some type of pressure on yourself to hole as many as you can, when it comes to the crunch out on the course, you will be more confident and stand a great chance of knocking your putt in the hole.

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If you were to practise holing putt after putt from six feet then you will start to hole more putts from that distance out on the course. Remember, your putting stroke is all muscle memory so the more you practise, the more your muscles will remember, then you can trust your stroke on the course and youll start holing more putts.