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Should I Learn To Draw The Golf Ball For Extra Distance From The TeeThe vast majority of golfers learning to the play golf or those already involved with golf will always want to learn how to draw the ball because it can allow you to hit the ball further.

It is true that a player who hits the ball with a draw has a better chance to outdrive a player of similar build, height and ability who hits a fade. This is mainly due to a more penetrating ball flight and less back spin on the golf ball.

If you dont already hit a draw shape then it will be beneficial to learn one and the set up fundamentals have a big implication on how the club will be swung.

The majority of amateur golfers hit a fade shot which creates a lot more back spin because the player is hitting down on the ball from a steeper angle of attack, and an out to in swing path with the club face open to the path to increase the dynamic loft. This makes the ball flight high and less penetrating as it spins up to its peak rather than gliding.

To hit the ball straight with an on plane golf swing, the alignment needs to be straight at the target with the club face and the feet parallel to this. To hit a draw shape, the feet, hips and shoulders should be closed to the target and therefore closed to the club face aim. This starting position will encourage the club to be taken away from the ball on a slightly flatter swing plane therefore approaching the ball with an in to out swing path and the club face closed to the path to create the draw shape. This swing path will encourage a slightly less steepened angle of attack into the ball therefore creating less back spin and a much stronger ball flight.

The ball will leave the club with less side or back spin, creating a straighter more penetrating ball flight which will be able to maintain its strength through most weather conditions as opposed to a fade shot which would be higher and influenced strongly by the elements such as the wind.

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A bad shot for a player who draws the ball will be a push or a hook. However, it takes a lot more to go wrong in the swing of a player who hooks the ball as opposed to one that slices it. The hook shot is caused from the club face being a long way closed to the in to out swing path. But like all swing paths and golf shots, there will be bad shots. Its a case of working on the range to limit the inconsistencies.

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When a player hits the ball from an in to out swing path, the spin rate is reduced due to the shallower angle of attack. This makes the ball flight more penetrating and much stronger. The ball height will still be high enough for the ball to stop quickly and effectively on the greens.

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The fade doesnt generally hit the ball further than a draw because of the dynamic loft created at impact by the out to in swing path and the steepened angle of attack. These elements cause the ball to be hit higher and therefore with less distance.