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Should I Keep The Putter Low To The Ground For Better RollOne of the biggest myths in putting is to keep the putter low in your back stroke to hit your putts solidly, but if you look at the putting stroke closely then you will realize that it is almost impossible if you want to be a consistent putter.

This may well be a feeling that some good putters have in their minds but the putter defiantly travels up and in on the way back and up and in on the follow through.

To confirm this, take your set up with the heel of your putter against a box, then keeping the heel against the box, make a putting stroke. Watch how the putter travels in both directions exactly as described here. If you tried to keep the putter low to the ground in your back stroke then you will be using your hands away from your body. Its impossible to keep it low any other way. This manipulation of your hands moves the putter off the path and makes it really difficult to return the putter face back square to your target.

The best way to roll your putts better is to let your putter follow your natural path, if that is on a slight arc, and bigger arc or square back and square through the just go with it.

The best way to practise this would be to get a putting rail and take it to the practice putting green. Set it up around four or five feet from the hole on a relatively straight putt and just hit putt after putt. The confidence you will get from letting the putter move naturally whilst holing 5, 10 or even 20 putts in a row from here is invaluable.

Move the rail back a few feet each time and repeat the number of putts. Try to stay on a particular length until you have holed 20 in a row. Then do the same drill but without the rail. This will help you to trust the feel of the stroke you are ingraining on the rail and see your putts roll true.

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The only way to ensure you hit your putts in the sweet spot of your putter is to set up the correct distance away from your ball every time. From here, you can trust your stroke, and as long as you dont try to manipulate the putter during your stroke then you will hit the sweet spot every time.

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Keeping your putter low to the ground will only see your arms become disconnected from your body. This is a disaster in your putting stroke as it leads to you pulling and pushing your putts because its almost impossible to square your putter face in time for the ball to impact square to your aim line.

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No matter how things may appear on the TV, the majority of the tour players have a stroke that moves up and in going back, and up and in going through. Some of the camera angles may appear to show a low and slow movement but they wouldnt be on the TV earning millions if that was how they putted.