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Should I Always Tee A Ball Up On A Par Three?Whenever you have the chance to tee the ball up, it is a great idea to actually do this as it allows you to be slightly less accurate with your swing but still achieve a fantastic golf shot.

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When playing a par 3 always tee the ball up, but vary the height of the tee depending upon which club you are using. If you are playing the par 3 with your woods, you need to set the tee height so that half of the golf ball is above the club face. If you look at the difference in the depth of the club faces of your woods, you will notice a tremendous difference between the depth of your driver face and the depth of your fairway wood faces. Ensure that you use an appropriate and different tee height for the different face depth - set the ball half a ball above the face. This will allow you to strike from the centre of the club face as you are swinging through impact, to produce a long, accurate, consistent golf shot.

If you are using an iron to play the par 3 with, then set the tee height only a few millimetres above the ground. You usually strike your irons off the ground by making a downward striking action with the club head through impact and you want to do this here as well. Set the tee much lower so that it is only a few millimetres above the ground and this will allow you to strike a crisp and effective shot with your iron.

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If you are using woods to play par 3s, especially if you need to use your driver to achieve the length required on the hole, then you need to use a tee peg and tee up. As there is less loft on the faces of your woods, especially the face of your driver, you need to strike the ball and achieve an appropriate launch angle from the club face. Teeing the ball up allows you to strike slightly more on the up swing, which effectively puts more loft on the club face and makes it easier for you to hit a higher golf shot that is struck cleaner and travels further.

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If you tee the golf ball up too high, then the club head will be swung through impact and the ball will be struck from too high up on the face, producing an extremely high shot, as the club head basically swings right underneath the ball. As a result, the ball will travel up into the air but not very far forward and the shot produced will be very short. You want to work on teeing the ball up but at the correct height, so that the ball is struck from the centre of the club face to achieve the longest golf shot.

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The key to becoming a consistent golfer and achieving consistent results is to be consistent with everything that you do. Work on always teeing the golf ball up on par 3s at the correct tee height and make sure that you do this consistently on every par 3 that you play.