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Should I Always Aim To Fly The Golf Ball As High As Possible On To The Green?Whether you should always fly the golf ball high into the green really does depend on the situation that you are faced with.

If you are facing a shot where the pin is placed close to the front of the green and there is a hazard just before the green, such as a bunker, pond or stream, then flying the ball high into the green is really the only option that you have if you want to get the ball close to the flag.

In order to fly the golf ball high, you first of all need to select a lofted club. However, when making your club selection, ensure that you are able to achieve the required distance to the pin and that you do not select a lofted club that lands the ball short of the target and in the hazards you are facing.
Once you have selected the most lofted club you can play for the given distance of the shot, you now need to adjust a few things at set up to promote a higher ball flight.

Initially, you need to play the ball slightly further forward in your stance than normal. Doing this will allow you to strike the ball with slightly more loft on the club face than usual as the club head will have reached the bottom of its swing arc and be presenting slightly more loft on the club face, to the golf ball. If you would usually playing your pitching wedge from the middle of your stance, play it an inch or so to the left of this position (for right handed golfers).

You also need to position your hands slightly further back than usual, so that the shaft of the club is leaning back slightly. This will provide additional loft on the club face. Position the club so that the handle and shaft are pointing just to the right of your belly button and this will have achieved a position to promote height in the shot.

Also, place slightly more weight on your right foot and side at set up than usual. This will promote a slightly lower and flatter takeaway during your back swing and provide you with a shallower angle to swing the club head back towards the golf ball on, allowing you to slide the club head under the ball and produce a high flighted golf shot.

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If conditions are windy when you are out on the golf course, then you want to play low shots into the green to maintain your accuracy. Playing high shots into the wind makes it very difficult to control the golf ball, so keep the ball low and under the wind when playing in blustery conditions.

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If conditions on the course are very hard, as there has been no rain and it has been very hot and sunny, the golf ball will really bounce when it lands and will roll a great deal more than usual. In these conditions you need to allow for the additional bounce and roll that the ball will experience, so playing short of the green and allowing the ball to roll up to the flag would be the best strategy here.

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Never playing high shots into the green really reduces the variety of shots that you are able to play. Golf is about being creative and imaginative with your shot making and being able to play the most appropriate shot for any given situation. When the best shot to play is a high flighted one into the green, then play it.