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How Should I Change My Golf Swing To Hit Hybrid IronsHybrid golf clubs are a great alternative if you struggle to hit your longer irons well. The larger club head makes them far easier to connect well with the golf ball and it also means that it has a larger sweet spot which is the area that produces maximum accuracy and shot length. They are therefore more forgiving than long irons. They are also easier to hit high as the larger head means that the weight in it can be positioned further away from the club face, moving the centre of gravity back and generating a higher shot flight. This weight distribution also makes the club head resist any twisting action from off centre strikes so they are extremely forgiving as well.

Even though hybrids have all of these benefits, they are pointless if you do not make a good golf swing. Hybrids replace your longer irons so they need to be played as longer clubs would be. Longer shafted clubs require a flatter golf swing that arcs around you more, in order for the club head to swing towards the ball from a lower angle of attack so that it can make a sweeping action through impact and clip the golf ball cleanly off the turf.

In order to achieve this, your set up position is crucial, as this will dictate the swing action that is consequently produced. To achieve a sweeping action through impact, you need to set up with your feet shoulder width apart and your weight evenly balanced between your left and right foot. Keeping your weight even will allow you to make a great shoulder turn and take the club head back on the inside as you make your back swing. The ball should be played from an inch inside your front and your hands should be set above the ball, rather than ahead of it to produce a sweeping golf swing.

Ensure that you create good posture, by keeping your spine straight and tilting it forward from your hips so that you allow your arms to hang free of your body as you hold the handle of the golf club. Soften your knees to relax your hamstrings.

Now simply work on making a good swing by rotating your upper body around your spine so that your shoulders make a 90 degree turn to the right (right handed golfers). Making a good shoulder turn will allow the club head to swing around you at a slightly flatter angle and you will return the club head back to the golf ball from the optimum angle to produce a great strike and a long and accurate golf shot.

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Placing more weight on your front foot will produce a more upright golf swing. This suits shorter irons where you want a steep angle of attack. However, hybrids need a more sweeping swing produced from a lower angle of attack that allows the hybrid to cleanly strike the ball off the turf.

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If you play a hybrid with the ball positioned opposite your front foot, then you will not strike the shot well. Positioning the ball too far forward in your stance with result in the club head reaching the bottom of the swing arc before it reaches the golf ball and you will swing up at the ball and top it.

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Hybrids work really well with a sweeping golf swing that clips the golf ball cleanly off the top of the turf. To achieve this, you need to ensure you make a great rotation in your upper body so that you swing with both your body and arms. Swinging more with your arms will create too steep a swing action which does not suit hybrid golf clubs.