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How Does The Design Of A Hybrid Golf Club Inspire More ConfidenceHybrid golf clubs inspire much more confidence when you are setting up ready to play a golf shot as they have a much bigger club head than a long iron does. When you place the head of a hybrid next to the golf ball, you look down at a much wider and larger club head. When you place a long iron next to a golf ball, you look down on a narrow, thin head so simply placing a hybrid club head next to the golf ball inspires confidence from a vizual perspective as it looks a great deal easier to hit as it is bigger.

That larger club head of the hybrid allows a technical design feature that actually makes the club easier to use than your long irons. The bigger, wider club head of the hybrid allows the designers to place the weight in the head further away from the club face. The narrower iron head is unable to achieve this simply because it is not as big. Placing the weight in the head further away from the club face makes the hybrid a much more forgiving golf club on off centre strikes. When the club face connects with the golf ball in the centre of the face, the impact with the ball slows all of the face down at the same rate so the club face remains aiming at the target.

If you strike the golf ball off centre, for example, towards the toe of the face, then the toe area is slowed down due to the impact with the golf ball. However, the heel of the club face is not slowed down as there is no impact on the face in that area. The heel keeps travelling at the same speed but as the toe slows down from the off centre impact, the club face twists and aims more towards the right and the shot is hit off line. Placing the weight of the club head further from the face allows the club to be more forgiving on these off centre hits, as the club head is more able to resist this twisting effect and therefore the face stays squarer to the target, allowing you to hit a more accurate shot from an off centre strike.

The bigger club head of the hybrid also means that the sole of the club is much wider too. If you are playing a long iron shot, with a narrow sole and you strike the ground before you strike the golf ball, then the narrower sole of the long iron will cut into the turf and you will hit a fat golf shot, where the energy and speed in the club head transfer into the ground rather than the golf ball.

This fat shot will therefore not travel very far and fall short of the target. The same shot played with a hybrid, however, will still achieve the same flight and distance as if it were struck crisply. The reason for this is that the wider sole of the hybrid will not cut into the turf, but glide over it instead and so the speed of the club head still gets transferred into the golf ball to produce a great golf shot.

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The larger club head of a hybrid means the club has a bigger sweet spot. The sweet spot is an area in the centre of the club face that delivers maximum distance and accuracy if the golf ball is struck from it. As the club head gets bigger, the sweet spot gets bigger, making it much easier to hit.

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The fact that the weight position is further back and away from the club face in a hybrid, results in the centre of gravity also being further back. This results in it being much easier to get the golf ball into the air and struck at a great trajectory. The centre of gravity position of long iron club heads being closer to the club face makes them much harder to get airborne.

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Hybrids are easier to hit in the air, have bigger sweet spots, produce accuracy from off centre strikes, deliver club head speed even when you do not connect cleanly with the golf ball and look easier to connect with the ball as they are bigger. You will definitely swing with much more confidence when you have tried a hybrid and discovered how easy they are!