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How Can I Stop Topping My DrivesTopping your tee shots can be the most disastrous feeling on the golf course because this bad shot reverberates throughout every shot afterwards and can cause a round to be ruined.

A topped tee shot can lead you to a simple explanation of how the shot was hit and why it was so bad. There is a simple explanation to it, but the problem is then making the relevant adjustments so that the shot doesnt happen again.

When any shot goes badly, it is important to check the fundamentals of the shot. Make sure the address position is perfect so that if there is a fault, you know for sure it is the swing.

The checkpoints for the perfect driver posture are as follows:

  • Neutral grip or as close to as possible without being too weak or strong
  • Feet wider than shoulder width apart to give a good base but not too wide to limit rotation
  • Straight back and flex from the hips with a little knee flex to encourage a good rotation around the spine and a full back swing for maximum power and speed
  • Weight slightly set on to the right foot to discourage any lateral movement away from the ball to not hinder the weight transfer to the left foot from the top of the swing
  • Ball positioned slightly inside the left heel. Be careful not to put it too far forward or this may encourage a topped shot, or too far back as this will promote a skyed shot

If these set up fundamentals are present in your existing shot routines and you are still topping the drivers its time to look at your swing. Start with weight transfer during the swing as the weight staying on the right foot throughout can cause the club to reach its up swing before striking the ball and therefore catching the top edge of the ball.

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Topping the ball can be caused by many different swing faults but the most common is the ball position being too far forward in the stance causing the club to be hitting the top of the ball on its up swing. If it was further back towards the instep of the left foot, the strike would be better.

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If you are topping the drives then you should look at your set up fundamentals and then your weight transference during the golf swing. Extending your drive will not necessarily help your striking of the ball and if it does, the longer shaft will make accuracy more difficult.

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A perfectly neutral grip could possibly help the direction of the golf shot but would not directly benefit a topping of the ball issue. Other fundamentals need to be looked at in order to help your striking, such as ball position and weight distribution.