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How Can I Stay Positive On My Short PuttsOne of the biggest issues golfers face when they are trying to hole short putts is having the right mind set. Many golfers think of the dreaded three footer, or they pressurize the putt by thinking its a must hole for a par or to avoid a three putt. If you want to start holing more short putts, you need to install the mind set of a tour player and believe that you will never miss. Why not follow these four steps to help you increase your positivity over your short putts.

Firstly, you need to stop labelling your putts.Telling yourself that you must make a putt is just adding unnecessary pressure to the job of knocking in a short putt. Look at each putt as just another shot in a round.

Secondly, try to forget about the outcome. Thinking about not leaving yourself a putt the same length back will only lead to you missing or worse still, three-putting. Worrying about the outcome fills you with fear and the tension builds in your arms and shoulders. Once you pick your line, focus on making a good, smooth stroke and nothing else.

The third thing you need to do is to stick to your routine. Do all the same things you would do from 20 feet. From longer distances, dont put the pressure on yourself to hole the putt so you are able to focus on making a smooth, controlled stroke so your putt starts on the line you select.

The fourth and final step you need to create a positive mind set is to see the ball rolling into the hole in your minds eye. Try to see the image of your putt rolling along the line you have chosen and hitting the soil in the back of the hole. This will give you more confidence in the line you want to start your putt and you will believe that you are going to hole the putt more than ever. One final thought to bear in mind is if you happen to miss the putt it doesnt matter. Never let a missed putt have an effect on the next shot you play no matter how far from the hole it is.

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Making a smooth stroke is critical to holing more putts but the last thing you want to do is make a stroke that is too long. This will only lead to you decelerating into impact and making you miss even more putts. This will have an even bigger negative effect on your mind set. Keep your stroke short and smooth to prevent deceleration at impact.

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For around half of the putts you hit, focusing on the speed you need so the ball doesnt run four feet by the hole is important, but when you face a short putt, you really need to get the line right. If you make a smooth, positive stroke then you can hit your putt at the hole without worrying about hitting it past the hole.

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There are some times when you can just take the break with a little more speed and hit it straight at the hole. Although there are also times when this just wont work and you will miss the putt. If your putt breaks three or four inches and you try to take that out by hitting it with more speed, you are more likely to see your putt run three to four feet by the hole than go in.