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How Can I Improve My Golf Swing TempoIf you watch any of the greatest golfers play, you will notice that they all have one thing in common – great tempo. Tempo is the speed or the pace that you swing the golf club head back away from the ball at and then back through the ball at. A good way to think of tempo is to think of watching a pendulum swinging back and forth. As the weight on the end of the pendulum moves back and forth, it does this rhythmically. It does not speed up or slow down, it simply repeats the speed over and over again as it continues to swing back and forth.

There is no specific set tempo that every golfer should swing at and copy. Every golfer is an individual and as such, every golfer has their own tempo. What is crucial is that you discover your own tempo and then work on repeating this over and over again. Whether it is fast or slow does not matter. What is important is that your tempo is repetitive. If it is fast, it is always fast, this does not alter. Similarly, if it is slow, you do not suddenly inject speed into the swinging of the club head. The tempo of the movement in the club head remains constant.

To work on improving your tempo, you could use a metronome. Set it to tick at a suitable pace for you and then work on swinging the golf club in time to the ticking. However, a slightly easier version of this would be to simply count, as you can do this in your head when you are out on the golf course. Start counting one and two and three, etc, at a constant pace. Decide on the number to swing the club back on, the number you need to be at the top of your back swing and then the number to be on as you strike the golf ball.

You can work on being on different numbers for the different positions in your swing to see which gives you the best strike, accuracy and connection. Then once you have discovered this, simply count in your head when you are playing your golf shots and ensure that you achieve the correct position for the correct number.

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Improving tempo is something that all golfers should work on achieving. Great tempo can cover up a myriad of technical issues in your golf swing and get you achieving better shots and much lower scores.

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Tempo is crucial when it comes to making a successful repetitive golf swing. Rhythm and timing are key in any sport that you participate in and if you are going to become a successful golfer, you need to develop great tempo to hit your best golf shots.

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Swinging hard and fast can work for some golfers who have a very quick tempo, such as Tiger Woods or Sergio Garcia. However, a hard and fast tempo will not work for everyone as other players need a much slower and more lethargic tempo. Work out the best tempo for you as an individual and repeat this, whatever it is.