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How Can I Get My Golf Swing More On Plane?An on plane swing is something most players aspire to achieve as it gives the maximum amount of consistency and distance.

However, it is also a very hard thing to achieve as it requires a player to hit multiple positions throughout the swing. These should all be practiced separately to ensure the golfer does not become too confused.

To practice on plane swings use a mirror or video camera placed about three meters back on the right side of the golfer to check these five positions.

  • As the club moves away from the ball it swings upwards and should reach a point where the left arm and club shaft are parallel to the ground with the club head in front of the hands when viewed from down the line. At this point, the bottom edge of the club when viewed from behind should be parallel to the spine angle. This is the first check point of an on plane swing
  • As the wrists hinge upward and the club shaft points upward towards the sky, the club face should begin to set in the correct position. A line drawn from the bottom of the club should point down towards the target line
  • When the club reaches the top of the back swing, the shaft should be parallel or near parallel to the ground. At this point, the left arm should match the shoulder plane
  • At the halfway down point of the down swing the club face should now mirror the same point during the takeaway. The club shaft is parallel to the ground, the club head in front of the hands
  • At impact, the club face should be pointing straight down the target line and on the follow through the swing positions should roughly match those of the down swing.

To achieve an on plane swing, hit the key checkpoints during the swing.

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If a golfer tries to achieve an on plane swing by simply rotating the body they are likely to produce a flat swing plane. This means the club will move too much around the body. An on plane swing requires the multiple movement of different body parts not just the core turning back and through.

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To achieve a correct on plane swing the club should move around a straight back and tilted spine angle. This is possible by tilting forward from the hips. If the spine angle is bent or hunched it becomes extremely hard to rotate freely.

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The rotation of the hands and arms throughout the swing is very important but is mainly a driver of straight shots. The arms need to also lift and rotate with the body to be on plane.