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How Can I Get My Golf Chip Shots To Run And Release More On The GreenBeing able to play a chip and run really well around the green will massively help to lower your scores when you are out playing on the golf course. How many shots you take around the green really influences your score and sharpening your short game up so that you only take a maximum of two shots around the green, will see your scores significantly lower.

In order to play a chip shot that runs and releases on the green well, you need to play the shot as though it is a big putt. Use your 7 iron to play a running chip and set up to play with your feet slightly narrower than usual to encourage your balance. Play the ball from the centre of your stance and draw your left foot (if you are a right handed golfer) directly back about six inches, so that your left toes are level with the end of your right shoe laces. This will rotate your hips towards the target and make it much easier for you to turn towards the target as you play the shot, allowing the club head to follow the target line to increase your accuracy with the shot.

Position your hands lower down on the handle than usual. This will give you more control over the club head and lean the shaft of the club forwards, creating a straight line directly down your left arm from your left shoulder, to the club head. You want to keep this straight line from your left shoulder to the club head throughout the shot, as you swing away from the golf ball and then also as you swing through it into your follow through. If you keep your weight slightly on your left side as you do this, you will achieve a crisp, clean strike on the ball.

Ensure that however far you swing the club head away from the golf ball on your back swing, you swing the same distance through on your follow through once you have struck the golf ball and work on allowing your body to turn towards the target as you strike through the golf ball. Doing this will get the ball running and releasing across the green and if you work on landing the ball approximately a quarter of the way towards the hole, so that the ball runs the remaining three quarters of the distance, you will be chipping extremely accurately and holing a few chips.

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Using your wrists when you play a chip shot encourages height on the shot and the ball will not run and release when it lands. To play a running shot, you need to keep your wrists passive throughout the swing as this causes less spin on the ball, allowing it to release forward more.

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Using your sand iron, a very lofted club, to play a chip will result in the golf ball being hit on a higher trajectory and as such, the ball will land more vertically. This will mean that the ball will stop more than it would if it was hit on a lower trajectory.

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If you strike the ground before you strike the golf ball, the speed in the club head will be transferred into the ground rather than the golf ball. This will result in the ball being struck forward but not very far and the ball will fall short of the target by a considerable distance.