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How Can I Change My Set Up To Help Draw The Golf BallA lot gets mentioned about having a golf swing that draws the ball, however, the set up fundamentals of the golf shot are extremely relevant in this case because the draw cannot be created without the correct alignment relationship with the target.

To set up for a draw, the club face should point just right of the target with the feet, hips and shoulders aligned just right of the club face aim. This means the alignment of the body is closed to the club face aim and the target. This alignment encourages the club to approach the ball from an in to out swing path, and as the club face is already closed to this path, the draw will be created. How much the player sets up to the right is dependent on how much draw they would like to get. Be careful not to over exaggerate this because a hook shot could be produced as a result.

Go on to the driving range and use some alignment sticks to point the way for the feet and club face. At first, it will feel like the player is aiming a long way right of target as its something new, but after a practise session and the draw feedback from the ball, it will start to feel more familiar.

The player should then try to practise in more a course like condition with changing targets and using the pre-shot routine to aid the process of alignment. The curvature on the ball will help give feedback from alignment but its main help will be the feedback from the golf swing. After each shot, lay a club on the floor and check your feet angle in relation to the target.

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When practising the draw shape, the set up makes the draw easier to achieve. Use alignment sticks to make sure the feet are pointing correctly. If you find the feet are pointing left of the target, this will invariably open the hips and shoulders at address which will encourage a fade shot.

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Putting the weight on the left side will affect the balls trajectory as opposed to shot shape. If a draw needs to be created then the stance needs to be closed to the target and club face aim. To hit the ball low, the weight needs to favor the left side with the ball positioned further back in the stance to lower the dynamic loft at impact.

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Strengthening the grip will encourage the ball to move more from right to left. It can also generate a pull, pull hook or hook so its vitally important the grip is not too strong and the set up fundamentals such as stance, hips and shoulders are aligned correctly relative to the club head and target.