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How Can I Change Between Hitting A Draw And A Fade Shot?One thing which many amateurs would love to emulate is the way top professionals shape the ball through the air.

Its not an easy thing to do and takes many hours of practice but it can be achieved by most golfers if they alter their club face angle and path through the ball. Before players do this, however, they should learn which club paths and face angle produce the draw, fade and straight shots.

  • Fade – For golfers to hit a fade the club needs to travel on an out-to-in swing path moving across the target line. This is also known as cutting across the body. At impact, the club face needs to point between the target line and club path just left of the target. This combination of path and club face angle will produce clockwise spin and shape the ball from left to right in the air
  • Draw – To hit a draw the club head needs to move from in-to-out, moving from inside the target line to out. At impact, the club face needs to point between the target line and club path, just right of the target. This combination will cause counter clockwise spin to be produced and a right to left ball flight
  • Straight shot – A straight shot is produced when the club travels on a path from inside to square to inside. At impact the club face needs to aim straight down the target line. With this combination the dominant spin will be back spin and produce a straight shot

The easiest way to achieve these different combinations is to alter the body aim. Altering where the body is aiming will automatically in most cases change the club path. For example, a player who aims 10 yards right of a target will tend to have an in to out swing path in relation to the target line. From this aim a player needs to ensure they rotate the club face so it points in between the swing path and target line. Players can do this by manipulating the club face (rotating it more for a draw or holding it open for a fade) or they can change their grip. A stronger grip will help rotate the club face and produce a draw whilst a weaker grip will help encourage a slightly open club face to path and a fade.

Hitting draws and fades is something many golfers would love to achieve. Practice correct path and club face alignment and it can become a possibility.

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When shaping shots its important to keep the swing speed constant. This consistency will allow for better control of the club face. Altering the swing speed, especially making it faster) will cause a player to lose control.

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One massive error players make is moving the ball further back in the stance to hit a fade and further forward to hit a draw. This is a huge problem because a ball position placed in the back of the stance will encourage an in-to-out swing path whilst a forward position will encourage an out-to-in. Keep the ball position as usual but change the body position.

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When shaping the ball actively try to keep the grip loose and relaxed. A very firm grip can create tension in the hands and arms causing the club face to become less, and not more, controllable.