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How Can I Best Play A Blind Golf Shot?You do not necessarily need to be able to actually see the target that you need to hit the golf ball at to hit a successful golf shot.

If you have an awareness of where the target is and you can play from your memory and visualize where the target lies, then you will be able to hit an effective, accurate shot.

A blind golf shot simply means a shot that you need to play at a target that you can not actually see. This may be because you are playing over a hill, or around a corner and therefore your view is obscured. But you can still play a successful shot under these circumstances if you can play from your memory and visualize what lies before you out of sight.

To play an effective shot, first of all walk up towards the target until you can physically see it. If we take playing over a hill as an example, walk up to the brow of the hill and stand in a position where you can see both the ball and the target. Have a good look at the target and what is facing you and needs to be achieved with the shot. Once you have decided on the shot that needs to be played and the club that is to be used, decide on where you need to strike the ball towards, where your target is.

Now work on getting a point that you can use to aim at when you walk back down to the ball to play. For example, there may be tall trees that you can see the top of behind your target so you could take your aim point from this. Or there maybe a cloud in the sky, or a mower line on the fairway at the top of the hill that you are standing on.

Once you have this point, walk back down to the golf ball and go through your routine. You have already selected the shot and club so make a practice swing and when you are doing this, visualize the target over the hill. Before you now set up to play, stand directly behind the ball and look at the point you selected to aim at, the tree top, cloud or mower stripe in the fairway. Now pick a closer aiming point on the line from the ball to the target, just a few feet in front of the ball. Aim your club face at this closer point and then set your feet and alignment. Look at the aiming point you initially selected - the tree top, cloud or mower stripe and visualize whats on the other side of the hill, use your memory. Now make your swing to this memory of where you remember the target is.

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Just because you can not physically see where the target is does not mean that you can not hit a great golf shot at it. Never guess what you are facing. Take the time to walk forward and get a good view because you need to use this image to visualize where the shot needs to be played.

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If you do not aim at where you want the ball to go then the resultant shot will end up anywhere. It may be close to the target, it may not be. Always take the time to work out where to aim to produce the best possible result and if that means taking a few extra minutes to walk forwards to work this out, then it will be worth it for the more accurate result and lower score on the hole.

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Aiming down the middle of the fairway on blind shots may seem like a logical strategy, but if the target is off centre or the hole is not straight, you may end up in a lot of trouble that produces a high score on the hole. Walk forward until you can actually see where you need to hit the ball to - the lower score that this will produce will be worth the few extra minutes of your preparation time before you play.