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Answer Why Do Professionals Like To Draw The Ball

Hitting a pure draw is something many amateur golfers aspire to emulate and professionals deploy to fantastic effect.

The draw ball flight starts out right before curving back left to finish on the target line. Its an impressive looking shot which flies a long way through the air. Part of the allure in hitting a draw stems from the fact it is not an easy technique to master and very few amateur golfers successfully manage to control the ball flight.

Hitting a draw requires the club to travel on a slightly in-to-out swing path through impact. This path will start the ball right. At impact, the club face needs to be open to the target but slightly closed to the path. This club face position will add the counter clockwise spin necessary for the ball to curve in flight.

Many amateurs struggle with not only getting the club through on a slightly in-to-out swing path but also release the club face enough to generate draw spin. This is because a lot of golfers feel more comfortable with bringing the club from out-to-in during the down swing (cutting across the body). Professionals enjoy hitting a draw because swinging from an inside path helps generate a greater amount of power and a pure strike as the club can flow through unimpeded when compared to cutting across the body. To hit a draw shot practice this following drill.

  • Place two alignment sticks one foot apart pointing down towards the target. The alignment sticks represent a straight swing path through the ball.
  • To practice hitting a draw, swing through the ball on an in-to-out swing path with the club face pointing towards the target at impact.
  • If the shot is successful, the ball will travel from left to right in the air finishing near the target.
  • By using the alignment sticks, golfers will be better able to tell if the club is traveling from an in-to-out path as it will cross over the alignment sticks extending out right of the target.

Many professional golfers hit the ball with a fade, many hit the ball dead straight but the draw ball flight offers other options to top players which can also be enjoyed by amateurs.

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Although some professionals (and amateurs) hit a natural draw, some also hit natural fades and straight shots. Like anything in golf, hitting a draw can be practiced and perfected.

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A simple name should clear this up; Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus played his entire career hitting a little fade as have many other great professionals down the years. Its still a great ball flight used to this day but so is the draw. Both offer different options.

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This is simply not true and many top players actually prefer to see the club face sit more open at address. Professionals can hit the draw because of the time and effort they put in during practice.