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Correct Golf Answer To groove a better impact position

The impact position is probably the most important in golf. The back swing, weight shift, head and countless other positions need to be worked on but impact is the most crucial.

Its so important because the micro-second when the club meets the ball will decide where that little pill will fly. There are professional golfers across the globe whose swings are unremarkable except at impact where everything fits into place and ball flies pure.

Impact bags are a great way for golfers to practice this crucial position. Impact bags can be purchased online or through golf stores but can also be home made. An old rucksack stuffed with towels makes a great impact bag. There are, however, correct and incorrect ways to use an impact bag. Some people have suffered serious wrist and hand injuries so care should be taken. Use the following drill to get the most out of an impact bag session.

  • Set up to the impact bag with a short to mid-iron. The side of the impact bag should be where the ball would normally be positioned.
  • Move the club away from the bag ensuring the body remains rock solid and doesnt shift.
  • Rotate and turn away from the target keeping the back swing slow.
  • After completing the slow back swing, the lower half turns slowly towards the impact bag with the hands and arms following.
  • The down swing should also be at a slow pace.
  • Turn into impact, getting the hands ahead of the bad (ball) at impact. After softly hitting the impact bag stop, as there is no need to continue the swing.

At impact, the hands should be ahead of the ball, with the hips opened slightly to the target. The shoulders should have returned to square with the target line and the body weight moved over to the front foot. Practicing these movements will help groove a better impact position.

Using an impact bag can bring huge benefits, but be careful and dont hit it too hard.

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The swing down and into an impact bag should not be at a great pace and therefore will not build up much power in the muscles. Remember the impact bag is there to groove better positions not increase power.

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Although hitting into an impact bag will help strengthen the wrists slightly, deliberately whacking it hard could cause injury so is best avoided.

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This is not and never should be the point of an impact bag! Dont try to hit the bag as far as possible as this will cause broken clubs and probably bones!