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Golf Question: Why Do I Hit The Toe Of My Golf Irons?Hitting the golf ball off the toe of the club is a common problem with many possible causes especially amongst amateur players. The toe of the golf club is the outer part of the club head.

When the golf ball is struck on the toe of the club, the results are shorter, inconsistent golf shots. Toe strikes also make the club face twist open due to the strike location being away from the centre of gravity of the club head.

The most common causes for toes strikes are an inefficient club path, loss of posture and ill fitted irons.

An inefficient club path would be where the golfers swing is too much across the ball at impact. For example, a golfer who swings their club too much from outside to in. When you think of this glancing blow across the golf ball, you can see how a toe strike would occurs as the player pulls the club head across the ball at impact.
Another cause is when the golfer loses posture during impact. As the golfer loses their body angles and stands up through impact, the handle will raise, the toe of the club will go down on the ground and the club head will be pulled away from the ball resulting in a toe strike.

Ill fitted golf equipment can also have an effect on where you have a tendency to strike the golf ball. If you have irons which are too flat for your swing, you are likely to strike the ball towards the toe of the club as the heel will also be off the ground at impact. See a club fitter and check your irons match your golf swing. If you have a problem hitting toe strikes, you should have a golf lesson to see what is the cause in your swing.

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Playing with irons which are incorrectly fitted to your golf swing will have an adverse effect on your golf shots. There is a possibility that toe strikes will occur if the lie angle of your irons are too flat. Toe strikes will result in shorter and inconsistent ball flights. Ill fitting equipment isnt the only cause of toe strikes, as the players golf swing is the main factor in inconsistent contact.

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Is there such a thing as swinging the golf club too fast? When you see the touring professionals playing they are swinging as fast as they can but within themselves to be able hit the ball long distances. Toe strikes are a result of many causes, but swinging too fast is certainly not one of the reasons.

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When we swing the golf club, the golf shaft is flexing three dimensionally due to the force and speed being applied to the shaft. As we reach impact, the shaft is bowing down from the grip end to the club head. This bowing will be exaggerated if the shaft is too flexible for the speed and load applied by the golfer. The shafts bowing will slightly affect the strike but toe strikes are mainly due to the way the golfer swings the club.