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Golf Question Where Should I Finish On My Full Iron Shots And Does It Even MatterA full follow through position is otherwise known as the golf pose! However, the follow through position is much more than a pose; it is an indication of your speed during the down swing and through impact. It is also an indication of the different aspects for your body that you manage to rotate during the down swing and the momentum created to finish in a good position.

The most common shot amongst amateur golfers is a slice which is caused by an out to in swing path which prevents a fully rotational body during the down swing. Many golfers finish with their body only rotated approximately 45 degrees after the ball is hit and this can be due to poor body rotation or the inability to actually rotate further. The finish position of any competent golfer would be when the players body is rotated approximately 90 degrees or more around the left with their hips and shoulders facing left or at the target. The right foot should be on to its tip toes and the golf club should be resting along the back of the players neck.

The finish position of a full iron shot is vital to the execution and distance a player can get from a shot because the down swing is led by the hips, starting once the top of the back swing is complete. This forward movement of the weight distribution and the rotation of the hips during the down swing creates a gradual increase in speed towards impact, closely followed by the releasing of the wrists through impact. Shortly after impact, the golf swing reaches its maximum speed so the momentum gained from this will put a player into the full finish position.

If a player finishes short of this, there has been some deceleration at some point during the down swing or the correct areas of the body are not moving therefore hindering the players swing and shot potential.

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Striking the ball well is obviously very important but the finish position will help the direction of the shot as the rotation of the hips help keep the club straight towards the target line but also aids the swing speed to gain as much distance from the shot as possible and maximize its efficiency.

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A good finish position will have the players weight favouring the front foot and not the back foot so the shot can be hit with a consistent downward angle of attack. When a player finishes a shot on their back foot, it can create shots such as topped shots, slices or fat shots to name but a few. A full rotation is certainly important to maximize power through impact but the weight must go towards the target also.

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Finishing a golf shot with the weight on the front foot is key to a good and consistent strike of the ball, however if the body does not rotate, the direction of shot can become inconsistent as the lack of rotation will continuously alter the swing path and is something you would tend to see from players who slice the golf ball.