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Correct Golf Answer Variation of shots

Driving ranges are fantastic places to work hard on your technique and improve your full swing.

Many golfers, however, fall into the trap of simply hitting the driver when at the range. This usually leads to golfers swinging hard at the ball and grooving the slice they want to leave behind. This is why golfers need to ensure they include as much variation in their range sessions as possible. Try this following routine the next time you get 100 balls at the driving range.

Example range session

The first thing golfers should do when at the driving range is warm up by stretching. The golf swing is a very athletic movement and people should not underestimate the strain it puts on the body. Stretches should include the lower body, the core and upper body muscles as all these are engaged when striking the ball.

After stretching, players should start hitting balls with the wedges aiming at targets from 20 to 100 yards away. This will help build golfers up to the longer clubs. The next 20 balls should be taken up by the short irons hitting to specific targets, working on specific swing movements. If you are a golfer who simply goes to the driving range to hit balls, get yourself a lesson and improve, dont just hit balls for the sake of it. The next 20 balls should be taken up with the middle irons and the next 20 after that the long irons or hybrid clubs. Its only the last 20 balls that should be given over to the fairway woods and driver. As already mentioned, all the shots should be aimed at targets; this is the only way to judge the success of your shots.

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Although tempting, simply smashing the driver down the range will not improve technique (or driving). Hitting the ball as hard as possible with the driver will cause the swing to become loose and inconsistent, it will also increase the chance of injury.

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Golfers should not judge the success of a practice session on the number of balls hit. Tiger Woods says that some of his most beneficial practice sessions on the driving range only last 15 minutes. Make sure the session is undertaken with a goal in mind.

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There is nothing wrong with practicing on your own to improve your game. However, practicing with a friend who also wants to improve can give an extra motivation if any is lacking. The driving range can sometimes be a lonely place. Driving ranges are fantastic places to improve technique but use the time wisely.