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Golf Question: What Should I Look For When Selecting A New Set Of Irons?Firstly, it is a good idea to visit a custom fit specialist to get the correct iron specifications to compliment your skill level and technique, and to also try before you buy.

You should ask yourself, at what level is my golf game? Has my skill level been improving or has it been regressing? Could I benefit from game enhancing technology in todays irons?
There are different head designs to suit different levels of ability, so it is important to select a correct model to compliment and enhance your golf game. A blade/muscle back design wouldnt suit a higher handicap player and vice versa, a large cavity back design wouldnt suit a low handicap player. With todays technology, irons have been designed with different benefits in mind, such as to help with forgiveness with off centre strikes and to help launch the ball higher and therefore travel further.

There are also other options to be considered:

Shaft length
Everyone is not the same height and doesnt have the same wrist to floor measurement, therefore varying shaft lengths are needed. You need to get the right length that is suited to you.

Shaft type and flex
Everyone swings at different speeds, therefore each individual requires a different shaft flex. There are also varying shaft materials and weights which can have different benefits for each individual.

Club lie
A club lie specification is obtained from putting a sticker on the bottom of your iron and hitting a ball off a lie board. The sticker on your iron will be scuffed either in the centre, towards the toe or heel. This will indicate if you need your lies changing on your irons. Having incorrect lies will affect your ball flight.

Grip size
People with smaller hands will require thinner grips, likewise people with larger hands will require thicker grips. Correct grip size can improve your shot accuracy. You should also consider the number of irons and maybe the addition of hybrids to replace your longer irons.

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This might work for some golfers if they are highly skilled with similar swing characteristics to the professionals. Most sets used by the professionals are a bladed/muscle back design, which have small heads and small sweet spots. This, therefore, makes them the least forgiving iron, as they are designed with consistency and accuracy in mind.

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Iron shots are not solely down to hitting them a long distance. They need to be hit a controlled and consistent length to get your best results on the golf course. Consider both accuracy and consistency and not just distance.

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Everyone wants to have a nice looking set of irons, but this shouldnt be the reason for your choice. There are many models on the market so finding a set to compliment your game and also have that personal preference of looks shouldnt be an issue.