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Golf Question: What Should I Be Looking For When Searching For An Easy To Hit Driver?The driver is one of the tougher clubs in your bag to hit consistently. There are a few things you should be looking for when finding a driver which is easier to hit and a custom fit product will help you find the right driver for you.

Head size
Larger head sizes with a low and deep centre of gravity (COG) in the club head gives you more forgiveness on those off centre hits. There is a limit on the size of the driver head, being 460cc in size. Most modern day manufacturers produce drivers of this size. Having the centre of gravity (COG) low and deeper also helps produce shots that launch higher. Any off centre strikes have an adverse effect on the amount of energy transmitted to the ball. Just a quarter of an inch away from the centre will produce 10% less ball speed compared to a centred strike. For those who do not find the middle of the face on a consistent basis, you would benefit from larger headed drivers which have the lowest and deepest centre of gravity.

Shaft length
Todays drivers are made with longer shafts than years gone by. The idea behind this is that longer shafts provide more club head speed. But, more club head speed does not necessarily mean more ball speed. Finding centred strikes is key when it comes to producing longer drives on a consistent basis. The longer shaft and greater club speed also comes with more off centre hits. Consider a shorter shaft to aid with finding centred strikes.

Trackman say “To maximize ball speed it is most important to provide centeredness of strike at impact than to increase club speed”.

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Selecting the same driver to what the professionals play with will not necessarily be an easy to hit driver. Professionals more often than not find the sweet spot, so forgiveness is not as much a necessity in the driver they have in their bags.

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Small compact heads usually mean a small sweet spot which equates to a harder to hit, less forgiving driver. When it comes to finding more forgiveness in a driver, bigger heads are usually better. 460cc (maximum legal limit) club heads are available in most drivers, giving the biggest surface area and bigger sweet spots providing more consistency on off centre hits.

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Drivers with longer shafts may increase your club head speed but will not aid in finding forgiveness. Longer shafts and increased club head speed can make finding the centre of the club face much harder to achieve. A shorter shaft could help some players.