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Golf Question: What Is The Perfect Set Up For Great Golf Iron Shots?When you address the ball to hit any shot, you want to give yourself a helping hand by setting up correctly.

The golf swing is a dynamic motion where our impact position is a little different to how we would like to address the golf ball, but by setting up correctly this gives us a good start in order to take the club away in the desired fashion.

After establishing a nice, neutral grip, the ball should be positioned a few inches back from your lead armpit. This encourages both a slight downward strike and a ball before ground contact. Your hands should be slightly forward in front of both the golf ball and the club head.

Your weight should be slightly favouring the front leg due to the hip centre being a touch forward of the sternum. Your spine should be relatively straight having bent forward 20-30 degrees from your hip joints, with a slight knee flex. This spine angle aids in giving the upper body the ability to make a nice, full turn. The shoulders, hips and knees should all run parallel to each other and also run parallel to the target when trying to encourage a neutral ball flight.

Give your swing a head start by setting up in the correct manner.

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By setting up with your weight favouring your trail leg at address you are encouraging the low point of the swing to be behind the ball. As we all know, to hit an effective iron shot we must make contact with the ball before hitting the ground. During the swing, the hips shift laterally towards the target. By setting up with the weight on the trail leg means a great amount of lateral movement is needed to obtain an efficient impact position, resulting in having to time more elements in the swing to make consistent strikes.

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By setting up with the handle leaning back behind the golf ball too much you will be encouraging this position at impact. At impact, you want the hands leading both the golf ball and the club head. Having the hands behind the ball at address will also affect the way the club is moved during the takeaway, likely to result in setting the shaft on too steep a plane.

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A C shaped spine angle at address is when the spine resembles the letter C when viewed from down the target line. This posture is caused when the player tilts forward at address from their middle to lower back rather than the correct tilt from the hip joints. A C posture inhibits our ability to rotate effectively and will likely lead to the arms lifting up and off the body in order to generate speed and make a full back swing.