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Golf Question: What Is The Perfect Impact Position For A Great Golf Iron Shot?At impact, your hands should be ahead of both the club head and the golf ball, with 80% of your weight being of your forward foot.

Having your hands ahead of the club head at impact encourages a slight forward lean of the club shaft. This helps promote the correct and consistent delivery of the clubs loft, therefore the correct and consistent launch of each club. This will help to deliver efficient distance and a consistent gapping between each club.

The forward lean of the shaft also affects where the club hits the ground. A forward leaning handle will help promote a consistent ball then ground contact, which is essential for the perfect impact position when hitting iron shots.

The weight being more forward along with the forward lean of the club shaft will encourage a slightly descending angle of attack on the ball. The weight and handle being forward go hand in hand, so if this is you, youre on the right track.

Dont mistake the handle being too far forward. It should be just ahead of the golf ball at impact. If the handle ends up way further forward than the ball then the club face could end up facing to the right at impact.

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If your hands are behind the club head and golf ball at impact you are more likely to hit the ground before the ball resulting in a fat shot. If your hands are behind the club head you will be adding loft to the club face resulting in a loss in distance.

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Through impact you should retain your bodys angle to the ground, like in your initial posture. If you stand up through impact you are more likely to thin or hit the top of the ball as you would be further away from the golf ball.

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Having most of your weight on your back foot at impact can have an effect in moving the clubs low point of the swing to be too far behind the ball. The early bottoming out of the club head can cause shots to be hit both fat and thin.