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Golf Question: What Is The Perfect Alignment For A Golf Fairway Wood?When addressing the golf ball to hit a shot with a fairway wood, you would like your shoulders, knees, hips and feet all matched up running in line with each other and also parallel to the intended target.

This square parallel alignment is ideal if you intend to play a shot with a straight ball flight. Although the golf swing is a dynamic motion and you dont return to impact in your address position, you are giving yourself a good start and better chance to deliver the club correctly at impact by setting up squarely to the target. If you align your body left or right and you intend to hit a straight shot, you will have to make compensations with your swing to hit the desired shot.

By aligning in the correct parallel square alignment, you are giving yourself a good chance to deliver the club head on a path travelling towards the target line at impact. The clubs path is responsible for the golf balls curvature, so a club face aligned at the target, travelling towards the target with a centred strike at impact would propel the ball on a straight flight.

Next time you are at the driving range, place an alignment stick or golf club on the ground in front of your toes running parallel to your target. You can then hold a club in both hands running across your knees followed by your hips then the shoulders to check your body alignments are all matched up.

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If you address the ball with your shoulders aimed to the right and your lower body aiming to the left of target you are setting up for a disaster and not giving yourself a good starting position to swing from. You will have to complicate your swing by making compensations in order for your body to move correctly and deliver the club precisely at impact.

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By addressing the ball with your shoulders, hips, knees and feet all parallel is great, but if they are all aligned left of target you are setting up to swing the golf club in this direction. If you swing along this alignment and the club face was square to the target, you would see a golf shot that curves from left to right in the air.

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When you address the ball you should feel comfortable and definitely not in any pain. Comfortable isnt always correct. When you align yourself correctly, you may feel strange as your body will be used to and comfortable setting your alignment incorrectly. The more you practise correct alignment, the more familiar and subconscious it will become.