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Golf Question: What Is Perfect Impact Position For A Golf Fairway Wood?When your swing reaches impact, the delivery of the club in the down swing will have an influence on what your impact position will look like.

The golf swing is a dynamic motion with no still positions other than the set up. During the swing you are constantly reacting to the position of the body, arms and club head in order to deliver the club in the desired position at impact.

With a standard fairway wood shot, the ball position should have been just inside the left heel and just back from the left arm pit. This ball position is to aid a level hit and sweep the ball away. When you arrive at impact, the handle of the club (grip should be ever so slightly leading the club head to help deliver the correct loft. The hips should have shifted towards the target while the upper body has stayed centred. This separation between the upper and lower body helps shallow out the attack angle of the club head. Both arms should be relatively straight at impact. If this has happened before impact you are losing power and speed.

If you have achieved this look at impact, chances are you have done many things right during the down swing.

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If you arrive at impact with your weight back on your trail leg and the clubs handle leaning backwards behind the ball and the club head, you are arriving in a weak impact position. With the handle behind the ball and club head, there will be added loft resulting in a weaker higher flight and reduced distance. The weight being on the rear leg will lead to inconsistent ground contact as the swings low point will likely be behind the ball and would likely lead to the club cutting across the ball, resulting in pulls and slices.

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If you arrive at impact with both your elbows bent then something has gone wrong before impact. The rear arm folds in the back swing while the lead arm remains straight, then during the down swing the rear arm begins to straighten to deliver pressure down through the shot at impact. If both elbows bend at impact then chances are the swings arc has shortened, which could possibly be to avoid hitting the ground before the ball.

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We need to try and maintain the wrist conditions through impact in order to deliver a consistent club face, club path and low point to the swing. If the lead wrist flexes it is very difficult to control the clubs delivery and will result in inconsistencies at impact. The lead wrist flexing at impact would most likely result in added loft, a leftward aiming club face (right handed player) and leftward club path.